Mission - For Crisis & Disasters

Our mission is to provide affordable, quality, emergency kits and safety equipment to all Australians in a way that's easy to understand, place and receive your order and have trust in who you're buying from.



Our vision is to contribute towards reducing human and animal trauma during natural and man made disasters and crisis, and increasing comfort, endurance and survival capability, during and after these events.


  • Integrity & Ethics –We do the right thing: honest, truthful and fair.
  • Respect –we respect all our employees, customers and suppliers, respecting individual human rights, privacy and the elimination of all forms of discrimination, as well as ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Excellent Communication –we respond to and communicate, expeditiously, clearly and in a friendly manner to all our stakeholders 
  • Drive –we have a thirst to constantly improve, creating a space for employees to explore their creativity and skills and celebrate success.
  • Innovation –constantly seeking better ways to do things, improving; efficiency, quality, service, products and value.
  • Eco-friendly –we love the planet here at EmergencyBK and we show this by; using recycled products, minimising packaging, especially single use plastics, reducing power consumption, always seeking products that are renewable, low toxicity and local sourced.
  • Friendly & Fun –we’re in a serious business, with serious consequences, but that doesn't mean we cant be friendly and have some fun along the way.
  • Charitable –helping our community and those in need. 
  • We want to ensure that during Crisis and Disaster, your safety equipment and Emergency Kits have been brought to you in a socially and environmentally responsible way.