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About Emergency & Bushfire Kits

25 Years experience in Safety, Emergency & Aerial Firefighting Management

Australian Owned & Operated.

With a passion for and extensive experience working in safety, emergency management, search and rescue, as well as aerial bushfire firefighting management, we've utilised all of these skills and knowledge into creating the bestBushfire & Emergency Kits company in Australia.

In 2018 we launched 'Bushfire Readiness Kits' - selling safety gear and Kits for those living in Bushfire Prone Areas, however we soon realised that our kits and equipment, are of great use for more than just Bushfires.

In March 2020 we launched EmergencyBK - selling a range of safety & survival kits for many emergency, disaster and crisis situations.

We love what we do, helping others get prepared, living and running the business from the middle of the Wombat State Forest in rural, Western Victoria. We understand many of the challenges you face, because we face them too; bushfires, storms, blackouts and more...

We want you to be prepared and safe before it's needed.

April and Schnitzel, the EmergencyBK Super Dogs, (pictured above with our CEO and Owner)  are always on hand to provide moral support and accept belly rubs,  playing a vital part of the team.

Hardest Part -Choosing Which Safety Kit, We've Made it Easy!

We‘ve done all the hard work for you;

 * Researching and locating quality safety items, that are aligned with the recommendations of the State and Territory Emergency & Fire Services.

* Clipboard and laminated checklist are included in all Emergency Kits, to help you remember all the other things to pack in you chargers, medication etc.

* All kits come in a great quality backpack or duffle bag, for easy storage and transport.

* Range of 90+ affordable Kits and now with 'Build Your Own Kit

*Free Shipping on all Emergency and Survival Kits and all other orders over $49

* The hardest part is choosing which one......we can help you there too, check out the comparison Tables for review and or download on our 'Kit Contents Tables' page,  click the link to take you straight there.